Church Directory

If you’d like some company on Sunday morning, get in touch with the GCF contact (below) for your church of choice. If you would like to add your church to this list and be a contact person, please contact Stephanie Holmer at

We need more church contacts! Email Jon at with the name and address of your church to list your church here.

Please confirm the service times at the church’s website, as these are subject to change.

*The churches on this list are attended and recommended by individual GCF members, but GCF and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, as non-denominational para-church organizations, do not officially endorse any of these churches. Please see the IVCF purpose statement and doctrinal statement for more information.*


New Hope Church

7619 Fayetteville Rd, Durham

Eric Brawner

Oak Church
Pastor Chris Breslin

2100 Chapel Hill Rd
Stephanie Holmer

Summit Church Xanne Miggelbrink

Waypoint Church

6804 Farrington Road

Kelly Seaton

Story Church

100 Pleasant Drive

Jonathon Yuly

Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian

1902 Perry St

Amy Webster