Welcome To GCF

We are a community of graduate students and postdocs at Duke University exploring and practicing our Christian faith.  All are welcome!

Large Group Dinner

Graduate Christian Fellowship

Our hope is to be a community of support and encouragement for those who are seeking to bring together faith in Christ and a calling to the academy.  Come walk out this journey with us!  And if you are not a Christian, we welcome you to “check things out” in a safe and understanding circle of friends.

Up And Coming

  • November 4 (Friday): Community – This evening, we will continue our theme of the Four Commitments of InterVarsity’s Graduate & Faculty Ministries by investigating the commitment to Community.  Our discussion will be led by Cathy Watson, the Director of Student Life at Duke Divinity.  Dinner will be served ($5 donations are recommended but not required to help cover the cost of food).  We’ll meet in the Episcopal Center (505 Alexander Ave) and start at 6:30PM.
  • November 12 (Saturday morning!): Racial Justice & Equity Workshop – Led by Adrienne Davis, the diversity coordinator at Trinity School.  As a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, we are committed to growing in our love for God’s people of every ethnicity and culture in accordance with InterVarsity’s purpose statement.  Yet we know that Sunday mornings remain the most segregated hour in our country, and we see racial tension and injustice on our televisions and our campuses.  Join us for this workshop, which will be a time to grow in our understanding of how race and ethnicity impact relationships in our communities through a Christ-centered lens.  We’ll meet from 9am-Noon in the parlor room at Blacknall Presbyterian.  Cost for this workshop is $20 (contact stephanie.holmer@duke.edu if a scholarship is needed).  Breakfast will be provided.