3/1/2013 large group recap

Professor Greg Wray spoke candidly about the challenges he’s faced as a Christian biologist, given that Christianity and human evolutionary biology are often perceived to be diametrically opposed.  The first challenge is a social one, which stems from the assumption that Christians do not have as rigorous of an intellectual pursuit.  The second challenge he named was one of historicity, notably questions that arise from a reading of Genesis.*  Wray then opened up the discussion to questions from the audience.  Some of the issues brought up included where imago dei (the image of God) fitted in with evolution, the probability of life outside of our planet, and the occurrence of miracles in view of stochasticism.
* A resource that Wray mentioned was Genesis One by Hugh Ross, which, among other things, sheds light on the particular use of “created” in that first chapter of the biblical book.  Rather than a creation of something out of nothing, certain instances where “created” was used convey more the sense of “established.”

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